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Attention:Symantec- and Norton-branded endpoint protection and anti-virus users
Security  researchers have announced – and Symantec has confirmed – a dangerousvulnerability in many Symantec- and Norton-branded anti-virus and endpointprotection products. The vulnerability exists in the core software, whichdrives the products and could allow an attacker to gain root-level control of ahost.

Just  emailing a file to a victim or sending them a link exploit is enough to triggeran attack. The victim doesn’t need to open the file or interact with it in anyway. Since no interaction is necessaryto exploit it, this is a vulnerability with potentially devastatingconsequences to Norton and Symantec customers.

The  vulnerability takes advantage of the anti-virus software’s behavior as it doesits job. Anti-virus software uses a technique called “unpacking” in order toopen incoming files and links to examine them for malware and malicious weblinks. The way Symantec products perform this technique allows malicioussoftware to execute as its being examined. This can allow the malware to take overthe anti-virus’ processes, potentially leaving it running at the highestsystem-level permissions. If the malware runs at this permission level, itcould perform any type of task that the attacker desires. For instance, anattacker could use this vulnerability to create a particular type of malwarethat’s known as a “worm,” meaning that it could self-replicate and spreadthroughout an organization’s networks.

Symantechas released patches to fix the vulnerability. Someproducts are being automatically patched as the anti-virus receives theperiodic updates to its definitions files. Unfortunately, not all products canbe patched this way and must be manually repaired. Symantec has
published a list of its products and thepatching process.

If  you’re a Symantec or Norton customer, you should immediately contact yourvendor to determine impact and corrective action, and should immediately run aproduct update to install the most recent patches.  Thisis urgent and should be placed as a top priority.

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